• High performance antifouling paint recommended for fresh and salt water
  • Features Zinc Omadine® and ePaint’s patented photoactive technology to prevent settling and attachment of hard shell-type organisms
  • Formulated with fluoro-polymers to provide the lowest friction surface when wet
  • Great choice for the serious sailor
  • Extremely effective antifouling protection
  • Prevents grass, slime, algae and bacteria
  • Offers drag reduction and fuel savings
  • Good for boats that are frequently hauled and launched by trailer


  • Due to the photo-active nature of ZO-HP, additional coats around the waterline strongly recommended to extend service life.
  • ZO-HP is viscous, for easier application at cool or warm temperatures or for spray application, reduce only with ePaint EP-13 thinner
  • For a smooth racing bottom finish, spray application is the recommended method. Alternately, ZO-HP may be rolled and once hard it can be wet sanded and polished to a mirror like finish. Note: it will take several days at warm temperatures due to fluoropolymer technology for paint to harden to a point where it will readily sand and not gum up paper, especially if applied at cool temperatures.


ePaint ZO-HP coating technology was developed, uses materials from, and is proudly manufactured in the USA. Please contact at for more information on ePaint ZO-HP or other ePaint products.



  • Hybrid finish incorporates benefits of both hard and ablative type paints – no old paint build up
  • Maximum dry to launch time of 60 days
  • Okay to haul boats in and out
  • Compatible over many hard antifoulants and epoxy barrier coats
  • Paint may be maintenance scrubbed in-water without taking paint off


  • Coverage rate: 275 ft2 /gal; 70 ft2 /qt
  • Available colors: White, Gray, and Safety Orange
  • Packaging: Single component available in Quart, Gallon, and Five Gallon containers
  • Thinner: ePaint EP-13 thinner
  • Application: Traditional methods – roll (1/4” nap or foam), brush, or spray (HVLP). For a racing finish, spray application is preferred method or alternatively roll and wet sand smooth when finish is hard
  • Finish: Eggshell-like finish
  • Recommended number of coats: 2 or 3 full coats with 2 extra coats at the waterline and leading edges.
  •  Safe for all hull types

For complete application procedures and requirements see the Tech Data Sheet tab.